We are Sundust Bros Corporation

Our Company

SUNDUST BROS CORPORATION is a well-funded corporation under the Management of S4-SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM AND SECURITY SPECIALISTS, INC. (Formerly ACEBEDO SECURITY SERVICE AGENCY INC. since 1969) which caters surveillance and security services.

After forty years of experience in deployment of security personnel around Metro Manila and nearby provinces, the Management decided to expand its operations not only for security services but also to employ PROFESSIONAL and SKILLED workers under the newly organized corporation SUNDUST BROS CORPORATION on December of 2012 with Security and Exchange Commission SEC Register No. CS201218941.

Our company is back-up and managed by competent managers who have long and valuable experiences in the field of providing manpower services, recruitment and training, outsourcing, handling and administrative and labor-related problems and most importantly our company could offer elastic solutions on the flexibility of our budgetary and financial constraint with respect to your manpower contract requirements.

Some of our clients are big corporations and foreign companies which operate locally. We also provide manpower services to starting companies with long term goals and we are among the top provider and a formidable business partner in terms of providing an effective and efficient delivery of quality service for the enhancement and satisfaction of the business interest of our clients that will sustain the positive growth and realization of human aspirations of our workers giving due respect and high-regards on their individual skills and competitiveness, with full-adherence to all existing laws on labor, with strict compliance of health and environmental programs, and above all, to achieve aforesaid objectives under the high-spirit and sovereign guidance of the divine providence.

Why Choose Us?

Client satisfaction is not only our top priority, but as well as our personnel. Our personnel are our partners in achieving success for our valued clients. Some of our client started small with just two personnel which eventually grew. Sundust Bros Corporation believes in three way success: our company, our personnel and our client.

We provide clients with the consistent level of high-quality service they deserve, we must first create a global vision of awareness, service and pursue this vision through universal principles and standards that supports our service philosophy.

We can accomplish this by following the lead of other successful business that, regarding their specialty, have accomplished service goals by focusing simultaneously on the key components of high-quality service.

SUNDUST BROS CORPORATION knows that business is service. As internal service providers, we support the mission of your company.

To provide quality research, client care and public service, our primary goal is to make our jobs as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. We are creative problem solvers with a “CAN DO” ATTITUDE. We commit ourselves to listening to our clients and understanding their needs.

We respond promptly with information, products and services that are competitive in cost, quality and timeliness. We serve our clients in a courteous and caring way.